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Traits of a Great Photographer

Being a great photographer takes a lot more than knowledge you would gain from photography school. While anyone can learn to take a great picture with the right equipment, not everyone can make it in this intensely competitive industry. Here are a few qualities that all top photographers share.


The simple truth of photography careers is that there are fewer jobs than skilled photographers looking for work. That said, you have to be ambitious and driven. This applies to not only landing photography jobs but also getting that winning shot. If you are at a sold-out concert in the photo pit, you are bumping elbows with 20 other photographers that all want the perfect picture of the band. You will learn in photography school that being aggressive and asserting yourself is the only way you will come out with the picture of a lifetime.

People Skills

Even though they need to recognize their competition, professional photographers always need to be respectful of their colleagues and others in the industry. This is important because their success in this industry can be catapulted with the right contacts and networking opportunities. Always focus on making lasting impressions and touting your strengths. Be open when working with clients about what they want, even if you don't necessarily agree. Remember, even if you are the artist, you are still being paid to do a job.

Technical Knowledge

Photography is both an art and a science. The art of it comes from the subject you are covering and the message the image conveys. The science of photography is the most important thing you can learn in photography school, which will teach you all about lighting, equipment and technique. You will also learn how to use photo software to perfect your proofs for customers and publishers.