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The art and science of photography is truly fascinating, and in the process of contemplating attending photography school, we thought you might enjoy learning more about this medium of expression. 

Photography School: Lighting Basics
Lighting is key for a successful photo. In photography school you are taught the basics and fundamentals of lighting. Whether it is finding natural light or setting up professional lights, learn the basics in lighting.
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Photography School Careers: Photojournalism
If you are leaning towards a career in photojournalism then learn how photography school can help equip you with the skills you need to be a great photojournalist. Don't waste your talents on amateur photography, learn how to get into this photography career today.
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How to Figure Out if Photography School is Right for you
Don't know if photography school is right for you? Well get insight into what you might learn if you attend photography school here. If you have the raw talent of a professional photographer then learn how photography school can help tech you the skills you need to be one of the best.
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Traits of a Great Photographer
Want to know what it takes to be one of the great photographers of our generation? Well learn how being a great photographer takes more than just skill behind a lens. Get the most out of your camera by gaining some much needed skills and techniques from a top photography school. The greatest photographers have the ability to capture pictures that speak a thousand words, so learn the traits that all top photographers share.
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Annie Leibovitz
Anna-Lou (Annie) Leibovitz is widely regarded as the foremost celebrity photographer in the United States. For more than three decades, she has produced innovate portraits of musicians, artists, writers, actors, and dancers, drawing on her unique use of lighting, colors, and poses to capture the personalities and quirks of her famous subjects.
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Nigel Barker of America's Next Top Model
He's hot, he's talented, he's famous, he's a father and husband – this guy has it all. His day job? Taking pictures of beautiful women, judging for America's Next Top Model, and now he's queued up to judge the Miss America pageant!
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Noteworthy Photography Names: Ansel Adams 
Ansel Adams (February 20, 1902 – April 22, 1984) was a man of many talents and passions. In the end, he was able to combine two of his great loves – photography and nature – to become the foremost American landscape photographer of the 20th century. He was also an important activist, author, innovator, and leader. 
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Noteworthy Photography Names: Andreas Gursky 
Understanding German photographer Andreas Gursky’s photographs is like understanding the intricacies of a prism – its countenance sharp and pristine, sleek and triangular, an objets d’art on any anonymous coffee table.
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Do You Need a Degree to be a Good Photographer
It is not necessary to have a photography degree in order to be a good photographer. There have been several photographic geniuses who never attended a single photography class. Photography is a creative art, which means that talent and skill can earn you a decent living if you have enough of them.
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Importance of Lighting in Photography
Photography lighting can be the difference between a breathtaking photo and a terrible one. The science behind photography lighting is really what photographers use each time they take a picture, whether they know it or not. Without good lighting, a photograph can be grainy and blurred. Professional photographers understand the relationship between their camera settings and the light that they have available.
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Stop Before You Shoot
Probably, if you are reading this, you are a practicing photographer. But have you stopped to ask yourself why you take photographs? Certainly, there are some things in life you just accept – like the goodness of a hot fudge mocha sundae or an early June evening on your friend’s back porch – you love them just because. But, as one who has had a bit of experience with the camera, I have a few bits of advice that might help you get to the heart of your interest and hopefully help you produce a more advanced body of work. 
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Film vs. Digital: Living the Past in the Present 
A couple of years ago, my friend said that she wanted a PDA for Christmas. I thought she was joking. I laughed and said, “PDA? You want PDA for Christmas?” She said incredulously, “No, it’s a PDA! I can’t believe you don’t know what it is!” There are so many technological buzz-terms today, like “BlackBerry,” “PDA,” “iPod,” add what you will. And while it seems our society is eager to embrace the next 21 st century toy, I am obstinately clinging to the eroding practices of the past. 
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The Reasons You Should Attend Photography School
Any interested person can learn a lot about the process of photography by referencing a "how to" book or experimenting with his camera. However, if you want to develop thoroughly sophisticated skills and techniques that will help you establish a professional career as a photographer, attending Photography School is essential. 

A Brief History of Photojournalism
The power of an image to tell a story is often exponentially more powerful than any number of words. The use of photography in journalism has truly influenced how to receive and respond to news. Photographs capture historical moments in images that transport viewers to different places, times, and feelings in history. 

The Basics of a Camera
It is important that any photographer understand the different components and functions of his camera. This introduction to cameras serves to familiarize you with a camera's basic parts and their purposes. Understanding this important terminology and lingo is your first step to a professional photography career. 
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Interview: Meet a Wedding Photographer
Learn more about Event and Wedding Photography as you meet Jenifer Greer Breggren of B & G Photography in Los Angeles. Jenifer fills us in on the magic of photographing weddings, shares her story and photography background, and offers advice for budding professional photographers. 
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Interview: Meet a Fashion Photographer
International fashion model turned international fashion photographer, Nicolaas de Bruin introduces us to the world of fashion photography. Learn more what it takes to make it as a professional photographer in New York City, and discover the most important things to remember when you are photographing people. . 
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Interview: Meet a Sports Photographer
San Francisco based photgrapher Nicole Sweets fill us in on her life long passion for photography, what it is like to live as a starving artists, and offers advice for perservering in sports photography. 
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